Saturday, January 09, 2010

Last July, Ben Stein wrote a column for the American Spectator, We Figured Him Out, taking on the ultra-leftist president we elected and his socialist health-care reform. Since then it has been circulated in an email and yesterday, it came to me.

Ben says -

Why is President Barack Obama in such a hurry to get his socialized medicine bill passed?

Because he and his cunning circle realize some basic truths:

The American people in their unimaginable kindness and trust voted for a pig in a poke in 2008. They wanted so much to believe Barack Obama was somehow better and different from other ultra-leftists that they simply took him on faith.

They ignored his anti-white writings in his books. They ignored his quiet acceptance of hysterical anti-American diatribes by his minister, Jeremiah Wright...

I thought this was about Health Care reform?

Wait a minute, wasn't Ben Stein a speechwriter and lawyer for Richard Nixon?

Doesn't he remember that on February 6, 1974, Nixon introduced the Comprehensive Health Insurance Act? Nixon’s plan would have mandated employers to purchase health insurance for their employees, and in addition provided a federal health plan like Medicaid that any American could join by paying on a sliding scale based on income.

Anyway, I interrupted Ben, sorry, what were you saying?



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LJC said...'re not supposed to remember things like that. Remember, the cardinal rule of partisan politics is never let the facts interfere with a good finger-pointing rant about the sky falling from whatever the other side (enemy) did.