Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm still struck that, on NECN with Jim Braude, Massachusetts US Senate candidate Scott Brown said he is inspired to "live every day like it's my last," because the late JFK Jr. and Princess Diana were "powerful, handsome, rich" people who can no longer make a difference in the world as he wants to do. What?

Does Scott Brown believe he is one of the beautiful people?

I think his, er, spread in Cosmopolitan answers that question.

To be able to relate to the less attractive, he has been running ads showing the public that, like the common man, he drives a pickup truck. Of course, unlike the common man, as an elected official in Massachusetts, the taxpayers pay for his gas. He'd be doing us all a favor if he drove a Prius.

I wonder if he remembers that Noble Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa died the same day as Princess Di. She was one of the greatest humanitarians and advocate for the poor and helpless of the last century.

I don't know of anyone in my life time who deserves Sainthood more that her. I can't think of anything more miraculous than a woman running a ministry in the Catholic Church.

Still, she was old, poor and, well,  unattractive. How can that be inspiring?

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Green Thoughts said...

Beautiful? Eye of the beholder has never been so true as in this case. Thanks, Skip, for the reality check.