Sunday, March 21, 2010

In spite of the recent bad publicity, the Catholic Church is still flexing it's moral muscle. No not that one. Apparently the US Bishops are telling the faithful to press their Congressmen to vote against the Senate Health Care bill because of Federal Funding of abortions. It's nice that the church wants to use a woman's Constitutional Right as a bargaining chip. 

Why do we call it a Constitutional Right anyway? Does that make it less somehow? Like it isn't inalienable but a right that can only be granted by the government. Women, apparently, aren't born with certain rights.

Speaking of born...

If the church believes that life begins at conception, then why do they teach we are "born" with original sin and not conceived with it? They seem to be making some distinction between the two themselves. It's as if they are making this up as they go along.

Speaking of making things up...

It looks like the Vatican sent out a form letter of apology to Ireland yesterday. In it the Vatican apologized to the Irish, but in a statement said it could be read as applying to other countries. It's their new green policy. Saving trees and money. They are going to need it for legal fees.

In the letter the Pope describes the Bishops' response to the abuse as "botched." Obviously. They got caught. Just like he botched things in Germany.

It should be clear to everyone now that the Bishops worldwide used the same MO with the abusers. Keep them in ministry, move them to another parish and don't report the crime to authorities. They could not have been acting individually and independently from each other. They were behaving as directed.

From people like the Pope.

So, with all of this, the church still thinks it has the moral authority to tell our representatives how to vote. That is just plain silly.

Giving the church any moral authority at all now, would be like publishing a cook book by Jeffrey Dahmer.

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